Major Events


Tasmania's Strongest Man/Woman 

Ran by:
Strongman Tasmania


After 2 qualifying rounds of competition, the top athletes convene for the final showdown of the year.  Come watch strong woman and strong men push/pull/lift/carry/load their way to earning the title of "Strongest in Tasmania"

Affiliate Cup Final

Ran by:
CrossFit Resonate


After 4 hard fought rounds of competition among the CrossFit affiliates around the state, the top 4 (2 from the North and 2 from the south) convene to fight it out in a series of CrossFit style workouts to see who is the Fittest Gym in the State.

Raw Strength Championship (Powerlifting)

Ran by:
Raw Strength


Watch the strongest around perform the bench press, back squat and deadlift.  Ran by Raw Strength, this is event is ASADA tested and showcases the best natural powerlifters going around.


Event Running Sheet

7:30am Strongman Tasmania & Affiliate Cup Briefings
8:00am Affiliate Cup WOD 1
8:30am Strongman Event 1 - Hercules hold
9:15am Affiliate Cup WOD 2
9:45am Strongman Event 2 - Yoke Medley
10:30am Affiliate Cup WOD 3
11:00am Strongman Event 3 - Log
11:45am Affiliate Cup WOD 4
12:15pm Strongman Event 4 - Stones
1pm Affiliate Cup Final
1:45pm Strongman Event 5 - Deadlift
2:30pm Presentations

Exhibition Events


MMA/BJJ Displays

Ran by:

More information to follow